Wedding videography Rockliffe hall, always different.

Wedding videography Rockliffe Hall, it’s different every time we visit this 5* venue, why? Well apart from the many rooms that are licensed for civil ceremonies (we have filmed in each one) it’s the people that make the wedding so different and personal. This is why we always enjoy filming weddings, even if we have been to the venue many times before, there is always a new angle to find, a unique aspect to the wedding that makes it a new experience each and every time. Here Negin & Rob’s wedding also included a traditional Iranian (Persian) Wedding sofreyé (wedding spread) and of all the wedding videography at Rockliffe Hall this was a first for us anywhere. You can see an example of this part of the ceremony in our featured wedding video highlight here.

What is the sofreyé?
The sofreyé is perhaps the most important element of a Persian wedding, and what makes it unique from all others in the world. Sofré is the word for tablecloth in Persian. sofreyé aghd is very similar to the sofreh set at nowruz, the Persian new years. Like the one set for nowruz, the sofreyé aghd also directly hails from Zoroastrian tradition, and it has changed very little in the last few thousand years. The tablecloth itself is normally either on the floor on a rug to prevent slippage in an indoor wedding, or constructed on wood raised from the ground about 6-8 inches in an outdoor wedding. It is usually covered by either a simple cloth, or an elaborate cloth called a termé. Usually the bride’s mother spends several months before the wedding gathering elements of the sofré- these elements are both objects that are near and dear to the hearts of the bride and groom, and elements that contain imagery and symbolism relating to their impending union. This example of wedding videography Rockliffe Hall is just one of many we have filmed this year.

Wedding videography Rockliffe Hall

Negin & Rob in the orangery at Rockliffe Hall

Wedding videography North Yorkshire

The old Hall at Rockliffe Hall

Wedding videographer Rockliffe Hall

At the garden Gates at Rockliffe Hall

Wedding confetti

Confetti on the steps